Can You Spot The Cat?

It’s been pouring in Chennai for the last few weeks and there’s been enough and more written about it. Check out some pictures here, but you just have to Google to see the extent of the damage!

In the middle of all this, the cats on our street have been struggling to find food. We’ve been feeding a couple of them but they are so hard to coax out of their hiding spots!

Please feed any stray animals you can – birds, dogs, cats, squirrels. They do find it challenging to hunt in the rains. Can you spot the white cat here? 

He is this guy’s brother and they hate each other with a passion. Charlie Brown hangs around our apartment but won’t have another cat step a paw beyond the boundary wall. He came back with a badly bleeding ear two days ago, apparently having challenged his brother to a clawing match for claiming share to his food. The kids in the apartment fussed over him, cleaned up his wound, got him a new soft blankie and a bag full of cat food, while his brother continues to sleep on the window ledge trying to stay dry. Cats!

Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown’s brother – spot him under the ledge