How To Make Fresh Grape Juice Without A Juicer

Cooking fresh meals is one of my biggest problems. I imagine it’s yours too. See, I don’t hire a maid or a cook, so most of our meals have some form of readymade ingredient.

We kid ourselves with “homemade pasta sauce” made with canned tomatoes and processed cheese, “homemade tortilla wraps” from Nuts & Spices where the only fresh ingredient is the lonely vegetable. I did make my own salsa sauce from scratch though and it was pretty darn good if I may say so myself!

In an effort to make something truly fresh, I attempted fruit juice. Can’t get fresher than that, right?

Problem: I don’t own a juicer.
Solution: Improvise.

Here’s how you can make fresh grape juice at home, without any fancy equipment.

Step 1
Wash your grapes thoroughly. You’ll never get all the yucky pesticides off, but do your best!


Step 2
Soak them in boiling hot water for about 20 minutes. If the water cools, heat it up again. This is to soften these seeded grapes.

Remember that the water will mix with the juice, so don’t use too much or you’ll dilute the juice. Squish them with a fork and all your might.


Step 3
Strain into a mixer-grinder and squish them some more. Fret not if you don’t have a grinder, just use a bowl. Then throw in a few ice cubes and whizz.


Step 4
Chill in the freezer/fridge if you don’t have a mixer/ice cubes. I added a pinch of salt and it really brought out the flavour. It’s up to you to add salt/black salt/sugar/mint leaves if you like.

Tada! Yummers.