3 Good Magic Movies That Aren’t Harry Potter

What’s the oldest story you can think of? Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the story of Ahalya turning to stone, Pegasus? It seems the possibility of transcending the realm of reality captivates the human mind, regardless of age.

Even though they may not be classified under Magic, how does one explain the shoemaker’s elves, the hibernating sleeping beauty, the mysterious land of Lilliput, the house made of candy, the box of evil, the ogre in the forest, the pirates terrified of mermaids?

Over the last few years, Harry Potter has redefined magic, magicians, witches and wizards. Enthralling as these books/movies might be, here’s a list of three other fantastic magic movies you should watch.

The Illusionist 
Set in nineteenth century Vienna, this is a tale of a young boy whose chancing upon an old wizard changes his life forever. He falls in love with the Duchess, of course their love is forbidden, he flees the city, becomes a famous magician, and performs around the world. When he returns to Vienna, he meets the Duchess again, who is now with the evil Prince guy. She expresses her wish to be with him, and the story takes a turn for the better. The movie is soaked in murder accusations, raging emotions, deceptions, illusions. Expect a satisfactory ending.

The Prestige

Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale will take you on a thrilling journey of performances, friendship, suspicion, betrayal, competition, rivalry, love, failure and sound magic skills. There’s a wife who dies an accidental death, another wife who is victimised by her seemingly bipolar husband, a little girl who loves her father, and a Scarlett Johansonn who can’t decide whose side to be on or what accent to put on. Also set in nineteenth century (London), Tesla and his futuristic ideas are woven into the story for dramatic effect. Although not Jackman’s best performance, I loved this movie. Rebecca Hall, who plays one of the wives was my favourite – she reminded me of Kalki Koechlin. Oh, let’s not forget to mention the seasoned Michael Caine’s fantastic performance too.


Now You See Me
This movie presents a fast paced, unexpected plot involving four magicians who pull off a bank robbery in front of an audience. They are masters of illusion and are always one step ahead of law enforcement. Morgan Freeman plays the dude who has an uncanny ability to deduce everything they are up to. Mark Ruffalo plays the FBI agent who has made it his life’s mission to hunt them down. Jesse Eisenberg is impressive as ever. This is more modern than the other two and relies heavily on technology. It’s done so well, the sequel is coming soon! But alas, Daniel Radcliff will join the cast. So much for trying to dodge Harry Potter.