How To Clean Your Couch

About 18 months ago, I was forced to do something I absolutely do not like – shop. For a couch. What followed were weeks of velvet monstrosities they call couches, bulky faux leather things occupying unjustified space, colours so ugly they drove me to tears and an increasing liking for sitting on the floor.

That is until I found a beige couch with big cushions. It was love at first sight! It’s big enough, has good fabric and giant comfy cushions. I could change the covers to whatever my little heart desired, and anything would work because the couch is beige. Oh joy! And, it pulls out into a bed! Could this be too good to be true?

It took less than a month for it to develop stains, much to my disappointment. I tried everything – blotting, rubbing, pondering. I finally gave up and have been sitting on a stained couch for the last 17 months.

One day I whined about it to my former colleague – a no-nonsense Executive Housekeeper at a 5 star hotel. She rolled her eyes at my ignorance and took all of 30 seconds to teach me this amazing trick. I am shocked at how happy this has made me! Try it, it really, really works!

Step 1
You need a spoon of detergent. Add in some liquid detergent for extra effect.

Step 2
Fill it with water and create as much froth as you possibly can. I tried using a straw to blow bubbles in. It didn’t work.

Step 3
Use only the froth and a toothbrush to scrub the stain.

Step 4
Use a vacuum cleaner to suck it all out

Step 5
Let it dry.




Note – watch out for water stains though. Use ONLY the froth with as little water as possible. BRB – gotta go bother my housekeeper friend some more.