Rest in Peace my Dearest Tree

Every year, I used to wait for that beautiful day when I would open my eyes in the morning and see gorgeous red flowers through my window. They seemed to magically grow overnight. I loved the summertime as a kid and I looked forward to my Gulmohar trees in full bloom. The red flowers with one white petal made  me very happy. I was the Queen of the bud wars, when we would play each other with the stamen of the fallen buds. The green sepals are sticky and made for excellent green witch nails!

Beautiful Flame Tree Flowers

While I’m happy about the rain, my dearest tree died 2 nights ago. It fell onto the road at around 4am when there was a thunderstorm. I have such fond memories of my tree. We even played House under it. We rescued baby crows from under it. When I couldn’t sleep at night, my mother would say – look, your tree is asleep, you should sleep too! I remember reading somewhere that even a dead tree is home to little insects, ants and even squirrels who store their food. Unfortunate my tree had to be sawed up and removed. It’s a sad day.

Rest in peace my dearest tree.

My Tree