Powerless Woes

You don’t realise how much you’re dependent on something until it’s gone. When the power goes out for two hours everyday, I become extremely unproductive. I can’t use my poor old laptop, there’s no fan, no A/C, nothing. Come to think of, there’s so many things you do everyday without using electricity. But when power is taken away from you it makes you go *RAAAGEEE*. And so I pick up my laptop and head to the nearest coffee shop that will let me sit there for a couple of hours. Needless to say I’ve been on a rather unhealthy overdose of caffeine lately. I suddenly know lots about coffee, who wants to know the difference between cappuccino and latte and frappe? Ask me anything! I’m going to get them to teach me how they do the arty patterns on the coffee next.

Tamil Nadu’s industry is taking a bad blow with these crazy power cuts. Chennai is simply not prepared for this kind of growth and we’re going to seriously suffer with the water situation next. Deja vu, anyone? Remember when we had to smuggle tanks of water so we could bathe? Not looking forward to that again, thank you! When I think of the serious resource crunch we are facing I cannot help but wonder why sensitivity towards them hasn’t increased.

Coffee shops and restaurants, you really don’t need to have lights on at tables that aren’t being used. Nobody is sitting there, switch em off!

Do you really need an entire bucket of water to pre-soak one pair of jeans? Reuse that water afterwards for plants or cleaning your bathroom or sink, don’t just wash it down the drain.

Switch off switch off switch off! Even if you leave the room for a couple of minutes, switch off! It really annoys me when people don’t switch off lights and fans.

Annoying thing #45: Leaving the water running when you’re brushing your teeth/shaving your legs. Seriously, we can’t afford that kind of fresh water run off.

Understand the science behind atomic energy. It seems like an inevitable solution to India’s energy crunch.

If you have a bathtub in India and you actually use it, we need to have a talk.

This power crunch is so bad, even if the power doesn’t go out one day, I’m still unproductive for those two hours simply because we’re so used to it. Play your part, people of Chennai. Don’t waste power, we don’t have any.

Image courtesy – Flickr