How To Create A Comprehensive Content Strategy For Your Brand

If your work revolves around marketing, corporate communications, public relations or social media, one of the most challenging tasks you probably encounter is creating an effective content strategy.

While having to constantly think of new things to write about, you also have to ensure product visibility without bombarding your customer’s senses with promotional content. Whether it’s writing an interesting blog, scheduling social media updates, discussing story ideas with journalists, or figuring out what to put in emails, writer’s block decides to hinder your thought process when you need it most. Let’s not forget the horror of allocating the right amount to spend towards creating and promoting your content.

A simple revenue based model can help provide instant visual clarity, and I have found it to be a good first step. While the example is of a hotel/resort, this can be applied to any industry.

Step 1 – Identify Major Revenue Sources
While developing a “persona” of your target audience is a great way to start speaking to them, this may not be the most effective way to begin if your business has multiple verticals of revenue. In a hotel for example, the major sources of revenue are rooms, food & beverage, banquets and spa/gym/pool/sports facilities. Continue reading How To Create A Comprehensive Content Strategy For Your Brand

What a hotel’s Marketing Manager actually does

It is no secret that the hotel industry is one of the most demanding, exhausting, merciless industries ever. The role of the ‘Marcom Managers’ is unique to this field. Very often, they are a one-person team, battling for breathing space among pressing F&B Managers, Banquet Managers, Chefs, Revenue Managers, Sales Managers and General Managers.

They are expected to have magical promotional and PR powers, drive bookings through social media, possess a certain coquettish air, and be able to juggle vendors, printers, designers, agencies, journalists, budgets, returns, and multiple reporting bosses, while keeping their sanity. Continue reading What a hotel’s Marketing Manager actually does

Copy-Paste Customer Support Must End

People who work in customer support live in purgatory. Their days are shaped by clients that are neighbours of the devil himself. Whiners, liars, freebie hunters, clueless dodos and screamers. It’s as if they are being punished for past sins by being paid for getting yelled at. It’s a tough life.


My work roles in the past encompassed responding to online rants and the occasional shouty phone call. I once spoke to a guy who claimed to be a journalist (he wasn’t) and yelled into my now partially deaf ear for half an hour, because my colleagues stopped him from entering the nightclub without checking his ID and somehow hurt his fragile ego. I had to convince him they did it only because his handsome wee-boy looks threw them, and they just weren’t sure he was old enough.

Continue reading Copy-Paste Customer Support Must End

Why Can’t I Eat Your Cereal, Kellogg’s?

Since being married I have learned rather well, the true value of a hot breakfast, missing mum’s parathas, pohas, idlis and Bournvita at just the right temperature. What I would give to wake up to a delicious breakfast every morning. Scrambled eggs and toast will do too! And so predictably, I have acquired a taste of appreciation for cereal. Continue reading Why Can’t I Eat Your Cereal, Kellogg’s?