Out And About Chennai

Every weekend we have the same conversation – what should we do? Not ones for partying or pub-hopping, we end up watching a movie, catching up on chores, and occasionally trying a new restaurant.

We’ve been working on a book about Chennai for a very long time now (more about how long it takes to publish a book later), so in an attempt to check off all the ‘to do’ things in Chennai, we hit three recommended spots. The Vandalur Zoo, The Lighthouse, and the Egmore Museum. Continue reading Out And About Chennai

Here son, let me show you how it’s done

If you live in Chennai and haven’t taken a share auto ride, you haven’t lived in Chennai. They’re one of the most convenient and cheap modes of transport although sometimes you’ll have half your butt in the air. But it’s better than taking a bus in the city during peak hours, unless you like being stuffed up somebody’s armpit. Continue reading Here son, let me show you how it’s done