Here son, let me show you how it’s done

If you live in Chennai and haven’t taken a share auto ride, you haven’t lived in Chennai. They’re one of the most convenient and cheap modes of transport although sometimes you’ll have half your butt in the air. But it’s better than taking a bus in the city during peak hours, unless you like being stuffed up somebody’s armpit. Continue reading Here son, let me show you how it’s done

College is coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier

College is coming to an end. Very soon it will all be over, for good. I felt very satisfied, but a little bit sad when I finished my Fine Arts degree. Now, I couldn’t be happier to be done with studying! Mum says: Do a PhD! Very funny, mother.

I’ll miss it, I’m sure. I’ve learnt to deal with SO many different kinds of people. To hear that it’s only worse outside and that you have to be thick skinned to be a good PR person, makes me very unsure of everything. But I’m sure it’s going to be fun. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.




Campaign campaign going crazy!

This campaign is making my head spin. Really, really, really spin. I’m sure everyone is feeling the same way! There’s lots to be done, lots to be decided, lots to deliver. We have the support of the Corporation of Chennai, all the more reason to deliver!

If nothing else, I’m learning some hardcore team work. 18 girls in one room, working on the same thing, believe me, is not easy in any way whatsoever!

We have different ideas, we want different things, there’s love there’s hate, there’s ecstasy there’s misery, there’s emotion, there’s blankness.

Fingers crossed!