Brass Tacks – Sustainable Fashion Brand

Client: Brass Tacks is a niche women’s clothing brand with a large base of loyal customers world-over. The label produces well-cut, comfortable clothes for modern women, made with natural textiles using traditional dyeing and printing methods. Brass Tacks is a believer in slow fashion, sustainability, upcycling, and longer lifespans of clothing. It has been extensively featured in lifestyle and business media, including Vogue, Buzzfeed, and Economic Times. Brass Tacks was also chosen to be part of Facebook’s SME council, with Sheryl Sandberg directly interacting with the founder for business insights.

 Stylish clothes for women – tops, shirts, blouses, trousers, jackets, skirts, jumpsuits, dresses.

The founder at Brass Tacks wanted a PR manager to help shout about all the fantastic work the brand was doing. She also wanted to re-look at the blog to assess how it could be enhanced.

 I worked closely with the founder to understand her 10 year-old brand and everything it stood for, and more importantly, who she designed for. The brand was going through a monumental change in its entire approach to design, so I took the new muse-driven strategy and translated that to the blog as well. As she began to design for a well-defined “muse”, we began to write for her too. The empowered, enlightened, urban woman. We went to the brand’s loyal customers, and turned them into brand champions. We featured them and told their stories – reaching out to their social media circles, thereby directly reaching more of our core target audience.

I also worked with fashion journalists, editors, and influencers to feature stories and listings for Brass Tacks. Year of project: 2016.

Client testimonial:

“Swapnil immediately gives you confidence that you’re in competent hands. She does her research, she thinks about what’s appropriate for the brand in relation to the brand’s position and also what PR and marketing activities are sustainable for the brand given its size and access to resources. She always brings fresh ideas to the table, and she’s very professional with her work, schedules and communication. Whatever she takes on, she makes sure she does it justice.” – Anaka Narayanan, Founder and Creative Director.


Select samples: Featuring of new lines in the local media.


Select sample: Partnering with fashion influencers on Instagram and Facebook.


Select samples: Sample blog post from the mini-series on featuring women the brand admired.



Select samples: Local listings to promote exhibitions and sales.