I’m A Trailing Spouse

My life will never be the same again.

“I’m losing my mind!” I text my friend N
“Write it, sketch it, thoughts you should pen.”

There’s nothing to tell, I think
It’s snowing nonstop, I’m on the brink.

This weather is unusual they all said
It’ll get better, it’s all in your head.

Look for work, the economy is great!
Where do you even start, it’s like going on a blind date.

“I’m a communications professional,” I say
“Okay, but do you even speak any UK?”

We can talk about this wretched weather if you like
Over a nice cup of tea, biscuit on the side?

Blue Planet or Madam May
Corbyn, Brexit, your NHS delay?

Let’s go for a walk! To my spouse I moan
“It’s freezing out, you’re on your own!”

I toy with it for half an hour
Screw it, brave the cold over staying sour.

There’s eerie silence on the street
And unfamiliar sounds of ice crunching under my feet.

“The 9pm service to Reading has been cancelled”
The station is deserted, who are you speaking to, Donald?

The roads are sludgy, the ice grey with tread
The local veg guy brushes snow off his shed.

The bus stop bench is missing its usual uncle
He’s old and homeless, but his eyes always twinkle.

There’s ice in my hair I cannot feel my toes
Keep marching, wait do I still have my nose?

The high street is missing its inherent spirit
Save for the kids drinking beyond their limit.

At least they’re having fun with their beau
Oh wait, they just wrote ‘snow’

Why is the sky so grey and light?
Shouldn’t it be dark as ebony this time of night?

I turn back to see a familiar name
Stay still my heart, be tame.

The veg guy’s calling it a day
Upon soft ice his fruit lay.

I risk a question, “can I take a picture?”
“Okay, but I charge you double after.”

“I’ll put it on my blog.” “Are you a writer?”
“Sure, I guess.” “Tell people my fruit always nicer!”

“Where are you from?” “Half-Turkey half-Afghan.”
“And what’s your name?” “Jahn.”

This is some kid’s modern art alfresco
Oh I still have to pop to Tesco!

They’re restocking fresh leaves in fresh plastic
Marry the organic and the indestructible, fantastic.

Carrots and rice for tomorrow’s meal
They’ve run out of milk – is this even real?

A young homeless woman sits at the threshold
It’s -3 degrees, it shatters my heart tenfold.

The barren trees hold tiny leaves frosted over
They’re trying, they’re trying, a changeover.

Stay strong little ones your time will come
Soon the sun will peep behind the gloom from.

Did I mention my biggest inspiration?
Mr. Ginger and Mr. Tom, the kings of Slough station?

Across the endless white a splash of black
A streak of orange, these cats are whack!

The fluffy pup is out again with his pyjama lady
My insatiable love for her doggy she finds shady.

Sigh, it’s time to go indoors
Chin up, maybe tomorrow will be yours.

“Where have you been, it’s gone ten!”
I’m a trailing spouse, my life will never be the same again.