Quirky Men & Their Musical Intelligence

I’ve always wondered how writers sketch their characters. How do they decide what strange quirk to give them? What makes their character interesting enough to entice their target audience?

More often than not, the male characters we love so much have a back story – a rough childhood, an abusive past, a massive heartbreak, terrible parents, bullies, accidents, all sorts. Some of these men have been inked with music as a strong skill, presumably to help them deal with whatever it is life has thrown their way.

Here’s a list of famous male characters that also play beautiful soulful instruments.

Dr. House
What’s not to like about Dr. Gregory House? There have been more times than I want to admit, where I wished Dr. House was real. He turns to his piano to find solace at the end of a crappy day (which is most days). He seems his best, mildly charming self when he’s able to express his genius through music. Of course it helps that the ridiculously sexy Hugh Laurie is actually a musician.

House M.D. has led me to songs that I now absolutely adore, including Fiona Apple’s cover of Sinatra’s Why Try To Change Me Now.


Sherlock Holmes
We can debate over who played Sherlock Holmes the best until the cows come home – Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr, or Jonny Lee Miller! Either way, Holmes has to be one of the most engaging, strangely attractive characters of all time. He is written to be an enigma – we’re not quite sure if he’s just a sociopath, or is gifted with extraordinarily high intelligence that comes with hysteric and callous behaviour. All we want though, is for him to catch that notorious criminal and try not to die doing it. Oddly, his instrument of choice is the violin. It’s his go-to thing to vent, think, plot, map, brew, uncover, epiphanise and then go do something silly.


Edward Cullen
Before you get all judgy, these are not endorsements of the characters! I have not read any of the Twilight books, and just about managed to sit through the first movie without questioning my existence. But there’s something about this character that makes women swoon. I cannot for the love of god begin to fathom what. Although I have to give it to Robert Pattinson – he plays a very convincing cold, barren, wide eyed, lipstick loving creepy vampire. A special shout out to his praiseworthy piano playing skills!


Peter Bishop
Joshua Jackson plays the intense, brilliant Peter Bishop, with a creative back story involving an eccentric scientist dad, parallel universes, criminal activity and a life of deception. Sure enough, he is a piano prodigy too! This is one of my favourite TV shows – how perfect is Anna Torv?! If you haven’t watched it, I strongly recommend you do. 


Christian Grey
50 Shades of Grey is hands down the worst movie I have had the misfortune of watching. A very close second is Tree of Life. I will admit I read three of the books (and have no intention of reading Grey’s conversations with his man bits in the fourth). They were a quick read, and the writing managed to squeeze a few fleeting feelings out of me. However, I would recommend you watch the  movie ladies, just so you’re able to appreciate Star Wars.

Despite what doe-eyed princess Ms. Steele says, everything in our training tells us to turn the other way and bolt for the exit, should we encounter a Mr. Grey in our lives. He is the most cheeky, self-absorbed, petrifying, overbearing, condescending, extreme man ever. I’ve been stalked once, it’s anything but fun. That aside, Mr. Grey is full of delightful surprises – he can dance, has the best body ever, has all the money in the world, can fly a helicopter, appreciates wine, and voila – is an accomplished piano player!

I couldn’t find a clip of him playing, so here’s a mixed one instead. “What would I get out of this?” “Me.” Ugh.

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